Ratko Zjaca

Ratko Zjaca “All summer with my Cris Mirabella guitar. Even on 38+ gigs, always perfectly in tune. I’m in love with this guitar!” Check out more from Ratko Zjaca @ ratkojaca.com

Ratko Zjaca2021-08-31T21:26:15+00:00

Steve Salerno

Steve Salerno "I have had the privilege of playing some of the most exalted examples of arch-top guitars from the great masters of D'Angelico & D'Aquisto. While there are many arch-top guitar builders today, I believe Cris Mirabella's superior workmanship, comprehensive understanding of arch-top design, and phenomenal sonic palate uniquely position him to continue the legacy of D'Angelico/D'Aquisto while

Steve Salerno2021-08-31T21:32:00+00:00

Ted Ludwig

Ted Ludwig "Thanks to Cris Mirabella for making me a spectacular instrument! A masterpiece! Her name is Scarlett and she is a sassy one! Cris, you are the Sculptor of Dreams!" Check out more from Ted Ludwig @ https://www.tedludwig.com/

Ted Ludwig2021-08-21T01:00:48+00:00

Rik Jonna

Rik Jonna "One of the most creative talents of the lutherie community. Cris Mirabella's depth of understanding, as they relate to woodworking, tonal quality, and creativity, make him one of the premiere guitar-makers today. His vast experience, past and current result, artistic sense, intense immersion into his craft, and a true passion for the instrument, are all visible in

Rik Jonna2021-08-31T21:29:03+00:00
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